Many of you might consider this blog post to be redundant but using this essential tool in the online game isn’t as obvious as you might think.

The Reality: A very small percentage of Affiliate Marketers understand the importance of Click Trackers and effectively use them.

We have all been told that less than 1% of Affiliate Marketers are successful and approx 1% of those achieve ‘Baller’ Status.   I would say 99.9% of those who achieve ‘Baller’ status use Click Trackers.  If you are currently making money online and don’t use a click tracker, you are missing the most important aspect of the game.  Using a Click tracker could mean the difference between 4 figures a month and 6 figures a month.  For some of you, using a Click Tracker could mean the difference between you failing and making a profit.

What is a Click Tracker?

A Click Tracker is a self-hosted(in most cases) software platform that allows you to track the origins of your traffic.  It gives you the ability to generate a breakdown of your clicks and narrow down segments that generate positive ROI as well as eliminate undesired segments that don’t convert.  As you go through testing phases, you gather data on all the elements that make up your campaign.

Examples of Click Trackers – Voluum, CPVlab, Prosper202,

Why is Data important?

  • Data allows us to make educated decisions when buying traffic.
  • Data is essentially numbers.  Numbers do not lie.
  • It allows you to know where your money is and where your money isn’t.
  • Data gives us insight on performance of Ads, Landing pages and Offers.
  • Data also allows you to focus on specific channels of an ad network
  • Analyzing data on your traffic allows you to begin optimization.

Imagine throwing darts at a dartboard while wearing a blindfold.  Sure, you might hit some decent numbers but you have NO IDEA where to aim.  That is essentially what you are doing if you are testing without a Click Tracker.


Let’s say you are buying traffic from Google AdWords.

  • You find 100 keywords to test.
  • You end up spending approx $10.00 on each keyword.
  • You get 5 conversions that pay you $45.00 CPA.
  • Your spend is $1000 and your return is $225.  On the surface, it appears you lost $775 but with a click tracker, you can determine which keywords converted into sales.

Let’s say out of those 100 keywords, four of them converted.

  • Keyword 1 = Spend = 10.00 – Conversions = 2 @ 45.00 = 800% ROI
  • Keyword 2 = Spend =10.00 – Conversions = 1 @ 45.00  = 350% ROI
  • Keyword 3 = Spend =10.00 – Conversions  = 1 @ 45.00  = 350% ROI
  • Keyword 4 = Spend =10.00 – Conversions = 1 @ 45.00  =  350% ROI

In theory you have 5 keywords that are showing positive ROI.   You should continue running traffic to these and turn off the rest.   There are a hundred other factors to consider when turning off keywords but without a Click Tracker, you wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Other pieces of Data would include:

  • Which ad triggered your conversions?
  • Which landing pages triggered conversions?
  • Which segments of the traffic triggered your conversions?
  • Which devices converted best on your offer?
  • What demographics convert best on your offer?

When you are buying traffic, you are buying Data.  This is super valuable and is the foundation for a dialed in, fully optimized campaign.  Data is by far the most important aspect of testing.  Data is LIFE.