No One Puts Baby in a Corner. Or 7ROI For That Matter!

No One Puts Baby in a Corner.  Or 7ROI For That Matter!

Aww…looking through all the photos from Affiliate Summit West 2016 has us singing this song in our heads!  We put faces to names.  We woke up early and stayed late – slaves to the hustle.  Amidst all the networking and business words, we were able to spot some trends at the show.  Here’s what the fantastic 7ROI staff observed:

Tyler – Responsible adults everywhere!

CC – 7ROI trending high on the CPA network charts!
Zoey – The flu.
Denise – I didn’t see it but I got it anyway – upper respiratory illness. #asw16germs

Nikola – Mobile, Diet, Skin and Dating.
Ash – Getting sh*t done!  Everywhere I looked 7ROI was wheelin’ and dealin’!
Rhi – 7ROI’s selfie sticks, cat claw manicures…and the ASW plague.

Gina – 7ROI’s booth :).
Ben – Pay Per Call.  And lots of people ordering vodka and Red Bulls.
Ian – 7ROI…blowing it up!

Jana – Our big group in our 7ROI shirts of course!
Jules – Small talk.  It was an art form at ASW.
Shelley – The ability to make grown men squeal like a kid.  With confetti.

See you at Affiliate Summit East in New York this July 31 – August 2nd 2016!


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