Coffee Shop Lifestyle: Biz Opps Affiliate Offer

Coffee Shop Lifestyle: Biz Opps Affiliate Offer

7ROI invites our affiliates to test Coffee Shop Lifestyle, a biz opps affiliate offer!

Competitive payouts starting at $60!

Converts on sale.

coffee shop lifestyle affiliate offer

Point of Conversion: Sale
GEO’s Accepted: UK, CA, AU, US, NZ
Cost to Consumer: $37
Allowed Traffic Types: Display, Email, Social, SEO. Linkout, Network, Contextual, Post, PPC
Restricted Traffic/Offer Filters: No Incent, No Co Reg

Coffee Shop Lifestyle Program is a simple, fun, and easy way to learn how to make money online (even for newbies).

This program teaches users to make money learning how to market through Amazon.

Amazon generated over 107 billion dollars last year (yes, that’s 300 million dollars per day!). Amazon doesn’t sell their OWN stuff, so they need savvy people to help.

This offer converts on a $37 CC submit and pays out $60.

We can potentially increase that payout once you get volume going.

EPCs vary depending on how it’s promoted, but the average is ~$1.25.

Apply to run Coffee Shop Lifestyle with 7ROI! Get started now >>

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