Babies snuggling with puppies.  Parrots singing Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.  Step-by-step, how to make the best party dip…ever.  Have you noticed?  Video advertising content is everywhere these days – and you should only expect it’s presence to increase in the future.  One reason for the upward trend is due to you guessed it…Facebook.  They recently modified their news stream algorithm to favor videos – boosting chances of  those posts being seen by followers. Another reason?  Video content engages customers so much more than static photos, increasing chances of developing a more active and loyal potential customer pool.  Check out these eye opening numbers from 2015 – they speak volumes:

1. 500 million people are watching Facebook videos every day.

2. Facebook viewers now watch 100 million hours of video every day.

3. The average viewer is watching 12 minutes of video a day.

4. 80 million people now have access to Facebook Lite – a smaller bandwidth feature that improves load times of video content for those in developing countries.

5. 92% of mobile consumers said they share online video content with others through social media, text, email or other channels.

6. Videos average 62% more engagement than photos, and video shares increased 43% at the start of this year.

7. By 2019, it has been predicted that 80% of all Internet traffic will be to videos.

8. Cisco predicts that video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017.