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In collaboration with our own MD, we brought Naguna Labs’ Nutra products into the marketplace exclusively.


Our experience saves you money. Our lessons learned allow you to avoid costly mistakes. We work with you together in order to achieve your desired ROI and volume. Once this is determined, our team of experienced affiliate managers go out and get the sales volume you desire.


7ROI is comprised from industry veterans who came together to form a different network by taking their lessons learned to create a better experience.


All the Perks

We provide complete online marketing solutions for both advertisers and publishers.

7ROI.com, a division of LBMC, LLC is a Network that, as the name implies, offers exclusive and top-performing campaigns to increase your ROI!

Access to premium online media

7ROI.com has a greater reach and can target customers. We have solid relationships with valid and experienced Publishers. With state-of -the art tracking and personalized customer service, you, the advertiser, is always our top priority.

Real-Time Tracking

Stay informed with the latest in tracking and reporting technology. Analyze, Optimize, Maximize your bottom line.

Access the most responsive online offers

7ROI.com offers only the top payouts for each of our offers because you can’t find them anywhere else online. We represent only offers that we know have the best chance of eliciting the strongest response – only pre-tested converters that make sense and offer the highest level of monetization for your inventory.

Risk Free

Our specialty is in pay for performance basis (CPA) campaigns. Pay only for results.


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